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Tantra with Abhaya

Tantra teacher | Intimacy coach | Gong master
Anand Abhaya


It is a Joy to meet You

I teach how to just Be, how to learn your true Essence
as Intimacy first starts for each of us with our self, with truly knowing our self
and from this place connecting to the Others and to the Universe 

The key of my work is helping You to Integrate
your Spirit, Mind, Body, and Sexuality into the wholeness
helping you to relax, to let go, and to achieve more freedom
at the same time grounding, centering, and setting strong boundaries
to be able to wholly manifest into this world
to be alive and free, to love and be loved

I will help You to integrate your transpersonal
and psychedelic experience too

I am offering:
Group workshops and retreats

Private sessions for individuals and couples
Intimacy education, Bodywork and Breathwork,
Tantra teachings, Tantric massage, and many more methods

I lead private sessions myself or together with an assistant tantrika 

I provide total confidentiality
I work in English, Russian, Latvian

With love,

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